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About MattGames and the channel

About MattGames and the Youtube channel, Updated for 2020

Who the heck is MattGames?

With a name like Matt Games it should be pretty obvious what I've done with my life; spent the past 15 years working and teaching in games, mostly doing programming and pixel art as well as prototyping mechanics. I started this channel to feed my crippling addiction to eBay, AliExpress and Poundland and show you guys some of the cool (or terrible) stuff that's out there.

Link to the Channel Here: Youtube

On the channel I talk about and review all of the above and occasionally, if I'm lucky inject some humour or interest into it. Retro gaming and trading cards / figures content regularly!

Get In Touch or Send Me Stuff?

I also collect retro games and consoles and spend my time fixing up bits and pieces from the 90's , usually broken Playstations, Saturns and Dreamcasts, so if you have anything you'd like to donate that sounds interesting or if you wish to get in touch please drop me a follow and send a DM on twitter with a contact email address or phone number.

I do not accept unsolicited donations for the channel but am always interested in things if you drop me a line first.

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About The Channel

MattGames was started as a Youtube channel that focuses on retro themed handheld gaming, retro games related items and old technology. The channel and website are soley owned and operated by Matt, a UK based Z list Youtube Celebrity, Retro Games Collector, dismantler of many things and all round top bloke (or insufferable bellend, whichever).

If you would like to join me for a video or guest spot on something then please get in touch! I'll always welcome more knowledge, interest or a sense of humour!

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