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How to contact MattGames, Updated for 2020

Please Fill Out The Web Form Below"

Please fill out this pretty basic web form and it'll probably send me an email! I'd prefer a DM on twitter but y'no, if that isn't your thing then plese fill in the form and I'll get back to you if it doesn't land in spam or sends at all! It's pretty unreliable as web forms go.




Hitting Send button will open your desktop email client and autofill the contents of the comments box, then just hit "Send" on your email client!

So probably easier to just message me on twitter: here

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About The Channel

MattGames was started as a Youtube channel that focuses on retro themed handheld gaming, retro games related items and old technology. The channel and website are soley owned and operated by Matt, a UK based Z list Youtube Celebrity, Retro Games Collector, dismantler of many things and all round top bloke (or insufferable bellend, whichever).

If you would like to join me for a video or guest spot on something then please get in touch! I'll always welcome more knowledge, interest or a sense of humour!

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